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Title: ve philosophy of playing match
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<!-- body { font:12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; background-color: #EEF2FB; margin: 0px; } --> Gallons of ink (both real and virtual) has been spilled trying to tell the story of the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady-era New England Patriots. From their adages on the defensive side of the football White Duke Dawson Jerseys , such as “taking away what you do best,” to their offensive philosophy of playing matchups and having flexibility with their personnel.But there is another adage that runs through each of the teams from those years: Finding out what they do best early in the season, and then playing their best late in the season.As the Patriots enjoy their bye week — as best as they can coming off their first loss of the season — there are signs that their offense might finally be figuring out what it is they do best. Partly due to game script and partly be design, the Patriots offense tapped into something during the middle half of their loss to the Baltimore Ravens with their up-tempo, no huddle approach.These three plays from a touchdown drive highlight just what their identity as an offense could look like down the stretch, and should give some reasons for optimism about this offense..Following the Julian Edelman fumble which was returned for a touchdown, the Patriots faced an 11-point deficit and needed to get back on the field and put together a scoring drive. Early on in that drive they faced a 1st and 10 on their own 37-yard line. They line up with Brady (#12) under center and 11 offensive personnel in the game, in a 2x2 alignment with tight end Benjamin Watson (#84) on the right:After surveying the defense, Brady sees something and makes an adjustment:What the actual adjustment he makes is unclear, but the Patriots run a quick passing concept that is a staple of their offense: D-Slant Hook. To the left side of the formation they run D-Slant, which is a slant/flat combination. Edelman (#11) runs the flat while Philip Dorsett II (#13) runs a three-step slant route. To the right side of the formation Watson runs the option/hook route, while Mohamed Sanu (#14) runs a speed out, which would convert to a fade route against press or rolled coverage.The adjustment Brady likely makes is to this quick game concept using six-man protection, because the Ravens come with a zero blitz. But the quarterback is protected well and gets the ball out on time and rhythm to Sanu to move the chainsTongueart of the reason he has the time to make this throw is because he is protected well. Two players that play a bit part in that are right tackle Marcus Cannon (#61) and left tackle Marshall Newhouse (#72). Both tackles face blitzers off the edge, and both of them employ cut blocks to keep their QB clean:Cannon’s cut block in particular plays a big role, because the defender tries to use his hands to avoid the right tackle’s diving attempt at his legs. That prevents him from a chance at knocking this ball down.New England immediately aligns again, eschewing a huddle. They line up in the same exact formation, Brady under center and a 2x2 alignment with the slot look on the left with Edelman and Dorsett:This is the route combination New England dials up, working off play-action:To the slot side they run Peel, with Dorsett running a post pattern while Edelman runs a wheel route along the sideline. Backside they run Watson on a crossing route with Sanu on a deep curl.Also on this play left guard Joe Thuney (#62) pulls to the right edge to pick up the edge rusher, but as we will see that messes with the read for the inside linebacker.Brady comes out of the fake and sees Baltimore dropping into a Cover 3 scheme Duke Dawson Jerseys 2019 , and Watson working against an inside linebacker who is late getting into his coverage zone. Brady goes right to his tight end with the footballBig Grinuring the telecast of this game Cris Collinsworth made the point that play-action plays do not a successful rushing attack to work. At this point in the game — midway through the third quarter — the Patriots are down by 11 and need to score in a hurry. But the play fake works to get the linebacker guessing. Thuney’s pull is a huge reason why. Once the linebacker sees the guard’s helmet up and moving to the edge, he instantly thinks run:That slight step and hesitation is all New England needs to complete this throw.Now the very next play, and the last play to discuss. Again, the goal here is to highlight what this offense can be through an optimistic lens. After two straight passes, they go back to the ground here with a simple outside zone running play to the left with James White (#28) who came into the game on the previous play to replace Rex Burkhead:The Patriots are lucky in a sense, as they get to attack a post-snap bubble. It starts pre-snap. Watson initially aligns on the left side of the offense, but comes in motion across the formation. That changes the run strength of the offensive formation, and the Ravens respond by flipping their second level defenders. Linebacker Patrick Onwuasor (#48) trades places with strong safety Chuck Clark (#36), and as you will see in the next clip, they are not set when the ball is snapped.In addition, the defensive tackle slants inside into the A-Gap between Thuney and center Ted Karras (#75). That allows the guard to immediately flow to the second level — and block a strong safety — while Karras does a good job at sealing the defensive tackle to the inside and away from the ball carrier. Newhouse gets a tremendous push on the edge, and White is into the secondary before contact:I talk often on The Scho Show about how pre-snap movement and motion from the Patriots’ offense helps Brady. Well here it helps the running game as well. New England gets to run down hill against a post-snap bubble look from the defense, and right at a strong safety instead of a linebacker. A few plays later the Patriots would be back in the end zone, cutting the Baltimore lead to four once more.Following the bye week, the true meat of New England’s schedule begins. They will face their toughest stretch of the season over the next month or so, with games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Come mid-December, we will all know whether the Patriots have finally found their offensive identity for the stretch run, as they have so many seasons before. What their offense tapped into on Sunday night, as exemplified by these three plays White Danny Etling Jerseys , could be the roadmap.See, don’t you feel better already? ATLANTA (AP) — For towering tight end Tony Gonzalez, this was a slam dunk.The 6-foot-5 Gonzalez, who turned the celebratory post-TD dunk over the crossbar into an art form, was voted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday.Joining him will be two more first-time nominees, Champ Bailey and Ed Reed, along with another defensive back, Ty Law, and center Kevin Mawae; Law and Mawae were both in their third year as finalists.The contributor nominees, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and Cowboys and NFL executive Gil Brandt , each made it, as did senior Johnny Robinson, the defensive back who helped the Chiefs win Super Bowl 4.Gonzalez started in Kansas City and finished in Atlanta, where voters met on the eve of the Super Bowl to select the Class of 2019; they didn’t need much time to debate his worthiness.In short, Gonzalez had more than his fair share of chances to jam. (Maybe not by accident, the NFL banned the practice in 2014, the year after he retired.)The most prolific pass catcher at his position over a 17-year career, Gonzalez caught 1,325 passes (second in NFL history) for 15,127 yards (sixth) and 111 touchdowns. He was a six-time All-Pro, made 14 Pro Bowls Danny Etling Jerseys 2019 , and his 916 catches with the Chiefs set one of 22 franchise records he held upon his retirement.“I knew I had a good chance, I’m not going to lie about that,” he said. “Still, when you hear the knock, your heart drops.”As it turns out, Gonzalez isn’t the only one who can get good air.“Threw my phone across the room,” Mawae said, of his reaction upon learning he was in. “I had a higher vertical than at the combine.”He’ll be donning the yellow jacket this summer alongside Gonzalez, and three players who spent part of their careers trying to stop the groundbreaking tight end.This marks the first time more than two defensive backs have made it in the same class.Bailey played 15 years — five with Washington, then 10 more with Denver after the Redskins swapped him for Clinton Portis. Like so many great cornerbacks, Bailey did not rewrite the record book, in part because he was, for a huge chunk of his career, considered the best cover guy in the league. So most quarterbacks simply avoided him.Still, he made three All-Pro teams, 12 Pro Bowls and a none-too-shabby 52 interceptions. His best-remembered pick was a 103-yard return against Tom Brady in the 2006 playoffs that did not go for a touchdown. Denver did score shortly afterward, though, on the way to the win. Eight years later, Bailey made his only Super Bowl.“This is home and timing was just right for it,” said Bailey, who grew up in Folkston and played college ball at Georgia. “Having Pat Bowlen go in White Derek Rivers Jerseys , I never expected it to be like this.”Reed won his only title in the 2012 season, his last with the Ravens. Running the defense from his safety position, he was a standout playmaker on a roster full of them — including Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Peter Boulware. Reed finished his career with 64 interceptions, and led the league in picks three times.“Smartest player I ever coached,” said Reed’s former coach, Brian Billick.Law was a lot like Bailey — a rock at the corner who quarterbacks avoided. He finished with 53 interceptions and three Super Bowl rings, all with the Patriots. When New England beat the Rams for its first title in 2002, Law returned a pick 47 yards for a score that gave the Patriots the lead in the second quarter; they didn’t trail after that.Law was one of the many high-profile players Bill Belichick was willing to cycle out, and his final five years were spent with Kansas City, Denver and two stints with the Jets, including 2005, when he made a career-high 10 interceptions.“It’s surreal to get this honor while my former team is playing,” said Law, who will be on hand when the Patriots play the Rams for the title Sunday.Mawae, a second-round draft pick in 1994, played 16 seasons for the Seahawks, Jets and Titans. He made three All-Pro teams and joins Mike Webster, Dwight Stevenson and Jim Otto among the few true centers in Canton.He earned a spot some thought might go instead to Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli. But for Boselli, Edgerrin James, John Lynch Derek Rivers Jerseys 2019 , Richard Seymour and six others, it’s wait ’til next year.Bowlen goes in after what some believe was a longer-than-necessary wait. He is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which has put the future of the Broncos’ franchise on uncertain ground.His youngest daughter, Annabel, said they face-timed their dad when the family received the news.“A lot of tears in the room,” she said.Bowlen was key in securing the NFL’s future via a number of multibillion-dollar TV contracts. The Broncos have largely prospered during his tenure, winning more than 60 percent of their games. That included the 1998 Super Bowl, when the owner famously shouted “This one’s for John” — a tribute to John Elway winning his first title.Brandt spent 29 years with the Cowboys, where his keen eye for talent helped turn Dallas into “America’s Team.” He chose eight future Hall of Famers, including Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly and Bob Hayes. He employed computers for evaluating talent and came up with psychological tests for draft prospects, two tools no NFL team could do without in the modern game.Brandt also was elected for his role as the NFL’s resident draft guru.Robinson was chosen by the Dallas Texans in the first AFL draft. The Texans became the Chiefs, and the Chiefs became Super Bowl champions. A teammate of his, Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier, said Robinson was the key to a defense that helped Kansas City to two AFL titles, each of which landed the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.FOX Fantasy AutoForm a Racing Team, Compete for PrizesPlay Now!

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