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Title: <!-- body { font:12px Arial, Helvetica,
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<!-- body { font:12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; background-color: #EEF2FB; margin: 0px; } --> The Bears offense earned low marks in the first two weeks of the season David Long Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , but things went better against Washington on Monday night.Their 31 points were more than they’d managed in the first two games and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was 25-of-31 for 275 and his first three touchdowns of the season. Trubisky stopped short of calling it a breakthrough performance after the game, but head coach Matt Nagy’s comments about the quarterback on Tuesday set it up as a jumping off point for the rest of the season.“So that confidence word is so big,” Nagy said, via the . “And Mitch knew where we are as an offense and he wants it more than anybody. But that’s sometimes where I think when you want it more than anybody and you care, it can almost get into that paralysis-by-analysis. Because you’re trying it. I really like the fact that how he went into this week and he handled this week of practice, it transferred over to the game. In the game he was just Steady Eddie the whole way. I mean, he was very smooth. He never got rattled, even after the red-zone pick, he came off and knew that he can’t do that. But he didn’t let it affect his game. And that’s where I think he’s growing. And now here we go — all these games are big and now we got to prepare for this next big one.”Trubisky had games similar to Monday’s on multiple occasions during the 2018 season, but struggled to string together good outings on a consistent basis. An ability to do that would mark a real and welcome breakthrough for the third-year quarterback. There is no denying the impact on the coaching world that Bill Walsh and Bill Parcells have had. The hard evidence is apparent again as the NFL playoffs begin.All 12 of the coaches have some sort of tie-in to either three-time Super Bowl champion Walsh or two-time winner Parcells. Yes, all 12.Some are direct: New England’s Bill Belichick, New Orleans’ Sean Payton and the Chargers’Anthony Lynn were assistants under Parcells.Other affiliations on the coaching tree go out on a bit of a limb. The Colts’ Frank Reich worked for Doug Pederson Los Angeles Rams Jerseys 2019 , who coached under Andy Reid, who worked for Mike Holmgren, who was a Walsh protege.It all gets a bit complicated, but as Bob Glauber, the NFL columnist at Newsday points out, all the connections are legitimate.Indeed, Glauber’s recent book, “Guts And Genius,” is all about not only Walsh and Parcells, but Washington’s Joe Gibbs. The subtitle of the book tells it all: The story of three unlikely coaches who came to dominate the NFL in the ’80s.“As I was researching the book, I discovered how those two coaches really concentrated on helping other coaches,” says Glauber David Long Jersey nfl draft , the current president of the Pro Football Writers of America. “Parcells learned from his high school basketball coach, Mickey Corcoran, that he had to give back and help other coaches, and he always lived by that rule.“Walsh was so upset he was passed over as Bengals head coach by Paul Brown (in 1976) that he promised himself that if he ever did get a head coaching job, he would make it a point to help develop other coaches. He started what I think is the most productive coaching tree in pro sports history, not just in the NFL.”Consider that such Walsh disciples as George Seifert, Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren and Pederson have won Super Bowls.“He knew how to train coaches and he concentrated on it and it meant a lot to him to see them become successful coaches,” Glauber says.“It is not coincidental that for Walsh and Parcells, their lifeblood runs through these playoffs this year.And previous ones.Glauber points out that since 1981, 30 of the 37 Super Bowls have been won by a coach with ties to either of Walsh or Parcells. After the big game in Atlanta, 18 of the last 19 champions will have some affiliation with those two Bills.Here’s the breakdown on the other head coaches in this year’s playoffs Youth David Long Jersey , which begin this weekend with the wild-card round.Seattle’s Pete Carroll: coached with 49ers under George Seifert, who was Walsh’s defensive guru and Walsh’s replacement as head coach in San FranciscoDallas’ Jason Garrett: worked for Nick Saban, who coached under Belichick.Baltimore’s John Harbaugh: was special teams coach under Reid.Los Angeles Rams‘ Sean McVay: was on Shanahan’s staff.Chicago’s Matt Nagy: served as offensive coordinator for Reid.Houston’s Bill O’Brien: worked for Belichick.Philadelphia’s Pederson: was assistant coach under Reid.Interestingly, while Walsh was the master of the West Coast offense, some of his disciples have a defensive bent (Carroll, Harbaugh). And several of defensive mastermind Parcells’ guys — Payton, Belichick — win with offense. Of course, Payton has Drew Brees and Belichick has Tom Brady.

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